Jordan Somer

Be a Miss Amazing Ambassador

Jordan Somer
Be a Miss Amazing Ambassador

Over the last few years, we have been overwhelmed with joy by the number of participants, volunteers, and family members who want to join Miss Amazing and do more to raise awareness of the potential of girls and women with disabilities. Without this kind of support from our communities, Miss Amazing programs wouldn't be as far-reaching as they are today, and it's this kind of support that will allow us to make an even larger impact. 

Today, we are thrilled to introduce a new program that equips our most dedicated supporters with the resources necessary to help increase our impact. Through the Miss Amazing Ambassador program, anyone who wants to play a larger role in our mission can apply to work with our leadership teams and get rewarded for the actions that they take! 


Who can be an Ambassador?

The Ambassador Program is open to people from all walks of life: people with and without disabilities, men, and women. If you want to advocate for girls and women with disabilities, then you can apply to be a Miss Amazing Ambassador!


What do Ambassadors do?

Ambassadors support Miss Amazing in the following ways: 


Host an event, run a marathon, donate your birthday... Every dollar you raise helps us make our existing programs even better and bring new programs to life.

Share Your Voice

Submit poems, essays, photography, opinion pieces and other content to Miss Amazing’s official blog and online community, Musings.

Make a Presentation

We’re always looking for creative ways to work with local schools, social groups, organizations, and companies. You could help us get our foot in the door!


Tell Your Friends

Do your friends share your advocacy goals? Tell them about our Ambassador Program, and you could make the world a better place together!


How are Ambassadors recognized for their work? 

As an Ambassador engages with our mission, he or she will unlock surprise gifts and reach higher levels of influence within our organization!



How can I apply?

Click the button below to apply! Your application will be directed to your state leadership team. If your application has been accepted you will receive a welcome email with lots of helpful resources to get you started.